Classmate Interview

This spring semester at WSU I had the opportunity to engage with the process of creating video and conducting an interview. This process includes creating an idea, capturing footage, uploading it to a device, and then editing all of those contents, and finally publishing the product onto the internet. From my experience in cheerleading, I am very familiar with what it means to be the talent and be in front of the camera, so it was really interesting to take the time to learn about all the nuances that happen behind the scenes. We captured video in the Cleveland Studio 59 and edited the contents in the adjacent computer lab. This experience taught me how much preparation is required to produce quality materials. When I was the one being interviewed things became a little difficult when I was asked to read questions from the teleprompter and suddenly create well-spoken sound bites. Because I hadn’t seen the questions beforehand I didn’t confidently project my image into the camera and mumbled an answer across. It took an evening of reviewing the interview questions to prepare responses and a second trip to the studio in order to create the quality video that we needed. I made sure to apply this knowledge of preparation to my interviewee and delivered my questions well in advance. This advanced notice may or may not have worked because I still had to sort through a lot of umms and pauses in order to get a quality statement. I learned that you almost have to write your question in order to frame the answer that you are looking for and convince the actor to organically produce a quality sound bite. My biggest regret is having only recorded from the front and neglecting to capture B- roll, I used photo montage/presentation style to keep it interesting and to make the image seem less stagnant.

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