Sport Management Career Fair

On Friday March 31, 2017 the Sport Management Department at Washington State University hosted a Career Exploration Fair. I was able to attend the first three sessions but wasn’t able to attend the later sessions or the dinner because I was busy helping facilitate the WSU Spirit Squad tryout for the 17-18 season. At the Career Fair, I attended a seminar about practicum experiences, team operations, and college compliance. The fair started at noon, upstairs in Cleveland 255 where I normally have class. Pizza was provided and that drew a very large crowd into the classroom. The panel was comprised of practicum experts from organisations like Seafair and the Seahawks street team. Their biggest tip was to be a hardworking servant during your time as a practicum student and to be knowledgeable about the nuances in your industry. I walked to the education addition where the “main hub” of the event was and got myself a nametag and a seat in a discussion about team operations. I was excited to ask questions and I got to hear from a previous student-athlete that had made the cross over into managing a collegiate team. Because I am graduating soon and transitioning to a different role in the organisation I asked Gordy Anderson for any tips. His suggestion was to remain extremely patient and vigilant, making sure to hold your tongue at times and to essentially be a fly on the wall. The last session took place in the same room so I just moved seats and waited for the exchange of presentors. I had thought that compliance would have more to do with behaviour regulations and following the rules, but the speakers explained how their role is more like a counsellor for incoming students and help student athletes with the requirements and credentials in order to play. Going to the Career Fair was a positive experience because it was very structured and well organised, I even got to use my time to collect extra credit points for a few of my classes!



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