The New Chinook Building


In the 1989 movie “Field Of Dreams” farmer Ray Kinsella hears strange voices while walking through his corn fields, these voices whisper to him  “If you build it they will come“. These voices helped convince Ray to build a baseball diamond in his corn fields and to pursue his dreams despite the risks. The phrase suggests that when an administration provides quality facilities and appropriate programs there is always an audience that will arrive to consume the product.

We have seen this phenomenon in action in Pullman through the erection the Cougar Football Operations Building in 2014, this was shortly followed by a rise in the success of the football team and the first back to back bowl games in program history (Sun Bowl 16′ –  Holiday Bowl 17′) . While the Football Operations Building is a fantastic facility, it is meant only for football players and staff. The remainder of the student population is offered resources through the Cougar Union Building (CUB) but will soon be able to take advantage of resources in The New Chinook Building.

Built in the same location as the Old Bookie, the New Chinook Building provides a space for all students to study, eat, sleep, and work out. Based on data from the Student Recreation Center (SRC) and the CUB, the Chinook should look forward to hosting around 4,000 people in a single day. Carmen Jaramillo, a journalist from The Daily Evergreen, reported that:

“The first floor of the center features a Freshens and a cafe with Starbucks coffee. There is a lounge area similar to the CUB Lair and a quiet lounge with an indoor deck overlooking the north side of campus.

There is a reservable event space with access to the deck that is a little bit smaller than the CUB Junior Ballroom. Elbracht said there was a need for an event space of this size around campus.

The ground floor has eight study rooms which can be used on a first-come, first-served basis. A napping room will feature about ten napping pods and lounge chairs. There are two insulated music practice rooms, and two meditation rooms with feet-washing stations for religious rituals.”

Although the timeline is a little off schedule and the completion of the construction has been delayed, major improvements to the campus experience like this help make Pullman a better place to live. When students have access to the facilities they need, they become more content with their experience and then more willing to reccomend the university experience to a newcomer. This reference is relevant to a sport manager because the student population is a major market that could potentially consume your events. The better you can understand the customers needs the better you can provide benefit to them.

You can keep up with the construction of and anticipate the opening of the Chinook at

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