Pullman Community Action Center


Nobody wants to go to bed hungry.

The Community Action Center in Pullman is committed to helping those in need and opens its doors to the public twice during the week to provide financial and nutritional support. As a 501c3 the CAC has been able to share its services with over 14,000 residents of Whitman County since 1988. In addition to working alongside the local food bank, the CAC can provide financial assistance to families that are unable to keep up with the high costs of living. The Energy and Heating Assistance Program is one of many services provided, but in my opinion, the most valuable of these services is an upcoming series of cooking classes. The CAC has been developing a new kitchen which will be used as a classroom to educate the community on the variability of meals you can create while using the food bank pantry. I made a visit down to the food bank earlier this week and learned that some of the overstocked products like lentils can be very nutritious, but the community isn’t necessarily aware of how to prepare them. Cooking classes like this can teach those who need to stretch their finances how to put together a fulfilling dinner on a low budget. While I was at the center, I also learned about the sponsors of the food bank and which organisations are responsible for helping to fill the shelves. The CAC grows its own hydroponic lettuce on site and also has a small community garden out in front but that limited supply is certainly not enough to provide for everyone that is in need. Luckily the local Safeway has become a major contributor to their bread-room and also makes donations of perishables such as raw meats and fruit. In order to access the services of the community action center, you simply go down to the center, take a card from an attendant at the front desk, and patiently wait for your turn to access the pantry. While the center doesn’t necessarily restrict you on how many groceries you are allowed to take with you, they do ask that you only take what you need and that you limit your visits to a single time during the month. I know a few students at Washington State University who could have taken advantage of this resource near the end of the semester if only they were aware.

The capstone course for the sport management degree (SpMgt489) asks students to host a sporting event which will raise funds for a particular beneficiary. Our team has decided to create a golf event called “The Long Drive” where participants use a driving range to see who can drive a ball the furthest. In addition to the long drive competition, the event will also facilitate raffles and other opportunities to receive small prizes. If the schedules are not in conflict we are hoping to invite the student-athletes on the WSU golf team to attend and help create a competitive environment. With the money collected from our golf event, our team of cougars will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Community Action Center helping to create a helpful space for people who are in need.

May no one go to bed hungry.

Visit The Community Action Center Homepage 

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