My name is Nicholas Bailey and I am a Sport Management Major from Washington State University. After the completion of my capstone classes and internships, I will receive my hard earned Bachelor’s degree and begin my career as a professional. With my degree, I will market myself as an event coordinator and partner with sport organisations to help them manufacture successful events.

Most of my experience in production has been developed through my commitment to sideline cheerleading and through my partnership with the Varsity Brands. During the summer time I have had the pleasure of staffing UCA high school cheer camps, and in the spring I’ve helped run competitive events for PacWest, Spirit Cheer, and the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA) all of which are Varsity Brands. In my time as a traditional cheerleader at Redmond High School, the University of Washington, and at Washington State University; I have learned the importance of creating an uplifting work environment, respecting others boundaries, and the benefits of keeping a formal organizational structure. Being able to represent my university at both home and away games has helped me appreciate how important it is to be supportive of others. It’s amazing how much influence you can bring by being supportive and getting everyone to work together.

Naturally, the production value of an event will vary depending on its purpose, but my experience with cheerleading has introduced me to performance situations of all kinds and has helped prepare me to take on events and of all shapes and sizes.

My experience working in cheerleading has also introduced me to people from all across the world!! The furthest that I’ve ever travelled was for a performance in Shanghai China along with the UW Marching Band! I have had the opportunity to personally interact with international teams while staffing The Cheerleading Worlds and the International All Star Cheerleading Championships, both hosted by Varsity at ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex in Walt Disney World 


Bachelors Degree 2018


Associates Degree 2014


Gamma Mu PC 12


Undergraduate Education 


High School Diploma 2010